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Weston is a community of friends and neighbors dedicated to our families and to each other. Weston is committed to quality education in a rural and residential atmosphere.

Welcome to our small town.

- Woody Bliss
  First Selectman

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Enjoy the beautiful scenery in Weston this Winter!

Veterans Exemptions
Date Posted: 2-12-08
The Assessor's Office has published a new brochure entitled "Veterans' Exemptions".  Click Here  to view or print a copy.
Weston Assessor Ken Whitman announces Weston's Revaluation for the October 2008 Grand List.
Date Posted: 2-09-08
Assessor Ken Whitman announces that The Town of Weston is in the process of conducting its State-mandated revaluation of all real estate in the municipality for the October 2008 grand list. The effect of the revaluation will be reflected in the taxes payable July 2009/January 2010.  Additional information and answers to many questions can be found at the following links:  ReValuation Advisory  and Questions? 
Date Posted: 2-06-08

Barack Obama - 794                                 Rudy Giuliani - 1
Dennis Kucinich - 3                                   Fred Thompson - 1
Mike Gravel - 1                                            Mitt Romney - 214
Bill Richardson - 1                                     John McCain - 538
John Edwards - 7                                      Duncan Hunter - 0
Chris Dodd - 1                                           Ron Paul - 22
Joe Biden - 1                                              Mike Huckabee - 25
Hillary Clinton - 653                                   Alan Keyes - 0

Number Registered Democrats - 2055       Number Registered Republicans - 1921 
Number Voting - 1465                                       Number Voting - 825

2008 Hazardous Waste Day for Weston set.
Date Posted: 2-04-08
The Hazardous Waste Day for Weston for 2008 will be held on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the Weston Town Garage.  More information will follow.…>> Read More

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