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Weston is a community of friends and neighbors dedicated to our families and to each other. Weston is committed to quality education in a rural and residential atmosphere.

Welcome to our small town.

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Applying For Your First Child's Passport (UK)

Welcoming a new baby is such a special time for families, and often leads to dreaming up that first big trip together overseas.  Even though the thought of globe-trotting with your little one is both exciting and a bit daunting, there's an important to-do before takeoff: getting your child their very first passport.  Here's a handy guide to maneuvering through the passport application process for your kiddo in the UK and

1.  Whos Eligible?

Any child under 16 who is a British citizen can get a child passport.  The passport is valid for five years, after which it can be renewed.  

2.  Documents You'll Need

To make sure the application goes smoothly have these docs ready:

- Your child's birth certificate - this shows they're eligible for a British passport.  Make sure its the full version with details on both parents.

- Proof of the child's identity - any previous passports or identity documents.

- Parental/guardian consent - both parents or legal guardians need to consent.  If one parent has sole custody, extra paperwork may be required.

3.  Snapping the Perfect Passport Photo

Getting the ideal passport photo for your little one is critical.  The requirements for kids' passport pics are strict and can differ from those for grownups.  Here are some key points:

So, as far as the photo is concerned, here's what you need to know.  Make sure the photo is 45mm high and 35mm wide - this is the standard passport photo size for the UK. It is best to use a dull white or gray background.  The child should have a normal facial expression with their mouth closed and eyes open.  In children under 1 year of age, the eyes do not need to be open.  If the head is tilted or there is a hand in the photo, the photo will be rejected.

Easiest thing is to just do the passport photo online.  You can quickly get it done for free and the AI will make sure it follows the requirements.

4. Filling the Application

Now the application.  Three options:

Online - Easiest way, just fill it out on the government website.  

Mail - Get the form at the post office and send it with your documents. 

Passport Check and Send - Some post offices offer this.  They'll check the application and docs to make sure it's all good before submitting.

5. Wait Time

After you apply, it usually takes somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks for the new passport to show up.  But sometimes it can take longer or shorter, especially if it's a busy time of year for passport applications.  It's always smart to apply way ahead of any trip you have planned, just to be safe


6. Final Thoughts

Getting your kid's first passport ain't too tough, but you gotta be real careful with stuff like the passport photo.  Use the online stuff they got to make it easy, and before ya know it, you'll be all set to go on your familys next big trip!  

Just remember traveling opens up worlds and makes memories.

 Start off on the right foot with the right papers for your little adventurer!

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